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Beyonce Battling With Event Planner Over Blue Ivy Carter Trademark

Beyoncé is still battling an event planner over the trademark for her daughter’s name, Blue Ivy Carter, according to court documents filed on Tuesday, June 6, in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and exclusively obtained by Us Weekly. The singer’s legal team is now asking the board to deny motion for leave for early discovery.

Back in 2012, the global superstar, now 35, filed to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter” so that she could launch products — and a clothing line — under her daughter’s name. However, when it came time for Queen Bey to renew the trademark in early 2017, she was opposed by an event planning company owned by Veronica Morales. 

As part of the ongoing legal battle, Morales is asking the board for leave to take limited early discovery in order to depose the former vice president of Beyonce’s BGK Trademark Holdings, Jonathan Schwartz. She wants it to be done urgently because Schwartz was recently convicted of wire fraud and falsifying tax records and was sentenced to 72 months in prison.

The “Formation” songstress’ legal team filed the response on Tuesday asking the board to deny motion for leave for early discovery. The documents claim Schwartz is “no longer affiliated in any way with BGK.” The Grammy winner’s team also accuses Morales of trying to profit off Blue Ivy's name. “Given Mrs. Carter’s fame, news of her newborn daughter and her unique name spread quickly. It soon became apparent that those who were searching for news about Mrs. Carter’s daughter, Blue Ivy, would also find opposer’s wedding planning business,” the documents say. 

Although Morales’ company was founded three years before Beyonce’s daughter was born in 2012, the documents allege that the event planner embraced the attention of Blue Ivy’s birth. For instance, Morales commented to TMZ at the time that “clearly great minds think alike, and who better than our Blue Ivy to plan events for B&J’s Blue Ivy!?”

Bey’s BFK Trademark Holdings is asking that the motion to depose her former VP be shut down by claiming that Morales never attempted to resolve the dispute out of court. 

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