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Does Taylor Swift Have a Cameo In Selena Gomez’s New Video? Here’s Why Twitter Is Convinced!

Nothing subtle here! Selena Gomez debuted her “Bad Liar” music video on Wednesday, June 14, and fans are convinced that the singer’s longtime bestie, Taylor Swift, makes an appearance. 

Toward the end of the ‘70s-themed video, Gomez, 24, enjoys a slumber party for one as she dances around her high school character’s bedroom (she plays three other personalities throughout the video).

As the songstress belts out, “Oh, I’m trying/Not to think about you,” the camera pans over the old-fashioned room, and viewers get a look at the background decor. When the “Hands to Myselfsinger retreats back to her bed, there appears to be a possible Swift sighting.

Selenators are speculating that the “Blank Space” vocalist, 27, makes a brief cameo in the collage of posters. According to fans on Twitter, Swift, who bears a slight resemblance to Farrah Fawcett, has replaced the actress in a Charlie’s Angels spread on the wall.

One fan wonders, “Is my brain just playing games or is that Taylor Swift.”

Adds another devotee, “I love how Selena incorporated Taylor in her video, their friendship is amazing #BadLiarVideo.”