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Eliza Dushku Engaged to Boyfriend Peter Palandjian: Photo

Wedding planning? Bring it on! Eliza Dushku is engaged to to her boyfriend, Peter Palandjian. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum announced the news in an Instagram post on Thursday, June 15.

“YES!! Absolutely, my love," she captioned a photo of her and the former tennis player and CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corp. holding hands. "#BostonBorn #BostonBred #BostonSoonToBeWed."

Dushku, 36, has kept tight-lipped about her relationship with Palandjian, 53, who is a father of four. She previously dated Rick Fox, but the pair ended their five-year relationship in June 2014.

Last year, the Bring It On star, who revealed in March that she's battled with alcoholism and drug addiction, decided to leave L.A. and return to her hometown in the Boston area to pursue a bachelor's degree in sociology at Suffolk University.

"I think so often when people go to Hollywood, everyone starts to morph into the same thing and everyone starts to look the same and sound the same. I really like the things that make us unique and diverse," she told Boston magazine in January 2016. "People will always also go, ‘You’re just a dumb actress,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, my mother did teach government and comparative politics for the last almost 50 years.' I may be just a ‘dumb actress,’ but I also have picked up a few things and observe the goings on of our country. I think that I have a right to have an opinion—and an educated one at that."

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