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Carrie Fisher's Brother Reacts to Autopsy Report: It’s ‘No News’ That She Did Drugs

Autopsy results showing Carrie Fisher used drugs before her death sadly came as no shock to her closest family members.

The L.A. County coroner’s report, which was obtained by Us Weekly Monday, June 19, revealed that the Star Wars actress, 60, had cocaine in her system approximately 72 hours before her time of her death, as well as trace amounts of heroin and MDMA. According to the autopsy, the medical examiner was unable to determine what, if any, impact the drugs may have had on her death.

Her brother Todd Fisher was unsurprised by the findings. ”I would tell you, from my perspective that there’s certainly no news that Carrie did drugs," Fisher told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published Tuesday, June 20 after the autopsy results were revealed. "If you want to know what killed her, it’s all of it." 

"Without her drugs, maybe she would have left long ago," he added. "I am not shocked that part of her health was affected by drugs.”

The star’s brother doesn’t fault doctors who prescribed the late actress medication, saying: “They were doing their best to cure a mental disorder. Can you really blame them?"

“We are touched by the outpouring and overwhelming support from her fans," he said. "The few negative comments are crushed by them, they come to her defense and allow us to rest.”

The actress, who played the iconic Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 24 and was open about her struggle with mental illness and drugs. Fisher died on December 27, four days after suffering cardiac arrest during a flight from London to Los Angeles. 

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