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Kristin Cavallari: I ‘Wouldn’t Let’ My Kids Do Reality TV Until They're 18

This California girl has gone country. "It's a beautiful, cool city," Kristin Cavallari says of Nashville in the latest issue of Us Weekly. She and husband Jay Cutler made the Music City their full-time home after the NFL's Chicago Bears released the 34-year-old following the 2016-17 season.

The Laguna Beach alum, 30, opens up to Us about Southern life, raising Camden, 4, Jaxon, 3, and Saylor, 19 months, and whether she'd ever return to the seaside town that made her famous.

US: Why did you and Jay choose to go to Nashville from Chicago?

KC: Jay went to Vanderbilt [University] and the second weekend we ever hung out, we actually went to Nashville. I completely fell in love with the city, and it’s a great place to raise a family. It’s always felt like home to us, so we couldn’t be more excited.

US: How did you and Jay find a place so quickly when he got released in March?

KC: We’ve actually owned our house in Nashville for six years. We bought it about a year after Jay and I started dating and we got engaged, and the plan was always when he was done with football, we would move to Nashville. So we moved there full- time about a month and a half ago. It will be nice to have Jay around a lot more, and I’m excited for him to be safe from now on. He’ll be doing NFL commentary [for Fox Sports], so it’s a great way for him to stay involved in football without having to get hit every week.

US: Has your work schedule changed since settling in Nashville?

KC: I’m lucky that for the most part I can make my own hours and work from home. I can be in the office for an hour or two, I can come out and make lunch and then eat with my kids. I have the best of both worlds and I’m very thankful for that. And I honestly wouldn’t be able to do it without Jay. We have a really good system where during the football seasons the last few years, I was more hands-on and I was more around, and then come off-season, work picked up for me. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and better dad.

US: What’s the most romantic thing he’s done for you recently?

KC: He made a speech at our wedding that had me in tears. And then he gave me his notecards from the speech as a present. We had our four-year anniversary on June 8, and so it’s one of those things every anniversary, I go and read them. They’re really nice to have.

US: Your former costars Heidi Montag and Whitney Port are both pregnant, and Audrina Patridge welcomed a daughter last summer. Would consider having a Hills playdate reunion?

KC: That would be really funny. I would be open to it, for sure.

US: Do you think you’ll ever move back to Laguna Beach?

KC: People don’t realize that I didn’t move to Laguna until I was a freshman in high school. My roots are really in Colorado and the suburbs of Chicago. When my kids graduate from high school, maybe I’ll retire in Southern California. But we’ll see.

US: Would you let your children do reality television?

KC: I wouldn’t let them do a reality show until they were 18 and they could make their own decision. There’s so much pressure as is in middle school and high school, and having a camera in your face magnifies all of that. I want them to be kids and stay young and innocent for as long as possible.

US: Any chance for a fourth baby?

KC: No, we’re completely done. I can’t imagine having another one! We had three babies in, like, four years, so the baby fever is gone. We feel like such a complete family, especially now that we have a girl. It feels so perfect, that why mess with that?

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