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Katherine Schwarzenegger Celebrates Pet Adoption in New Children’s Book

Adopt, don’t shop! New York Times best-selling author Katherine Schwarzenegger is singing the benefits of pet adoption to young readers in her latest book, Maverick and Me.

In the animal activist’s first picture book, she pulls from a personal experience with pet adoption to tell the story of Maverick, an abandoned puppy who meets his adoptive family at a shelter.

The best-selling and author and life style blogger, 27, hopes to educate and empower young readers to choose a rescue pet in lIeu of other options.

“Adopting a puppy or dog is an incredible opportunity that kids don’t know much about,” Schwarzenegger, who is the daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger explained. “This book celebrates adoption and introduces the concept to kids so that when they get their first dog, they choose to adopt and not shop.”

On her blog, the dog lover recounts her experience working with a rescue ally to foster puppies in 2014 — a role that would ultimately lead her to adopt rescue pal Maverick in May of that year.

“She called me and asked me if I would mind taking another puppy that was just 4 weeks old and found under the freeway in South Central. Obviously, I said yes and when I got little Maverick, I was feeding him out of a syringe,” she revealed in 2016. “He ended up getting Parvo, which is really dangerous for puppies and he after being in the hospital for a week he came back and we got him nice and healthy.”

She continued: “I ended up fostering him for longer than I usually do, but then realized that he was a little miracle pup I couldn’t let go! So now Maverick is officially a member of our family and I love the little guy!”

Katherine, who has an Instagram following of more than 127, thousand subscribers, uses her social media platform to remind fans about the joy of pet rescue and to share heartwarming pics of her four-legged friend.

“Happy #nationalpuppyday