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Ben Higgins: Why I Sent Becca Tilley Home Before Hometown Dates

The only thing more awkward than getting kicked off The Bachelor, is discussing why you got kicked off The Bachelor with the bachelor! Ben Higgins candidly revealed to Becca Tilley why he sent her home before hometown dates during a chat on his and Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast, Almost Famous, on Wednesday, June 28.

“I knew that Lauren [Bushnell] was someone who was extremely special to me … that to bring Becca back to her hometown would have been so hard on her and her family,” Higgins told Tilley and Ashley. “I saw how emotional it was for [Nick Viall’s] second hometown [date] … My thought was … family’s don’t sign up for this.”

The two, who dated during Higgins’ season 20, are now friends and can laugh off Tilley’s emotional exit.

“I will say this, I did have to let Becca go and it wasn’t fun … she ripped me a pretty good one,” Higgins recalled.

As for Tilley, she joked that producers kept her around until she finally broke down.

“I had been through Chris [Soules’] season being the cool girl … I didn’t cry and I went on Ben’s season and I think I was kept around until producers could get tears on me,” she jokingly told the former reality star.

Higgins, as Bachelor Nation is well aware, ended up proposing to Bushnell during the season 20 finale. The pair split up in May after more than a year together. Tilley went on to date Bachelor alum Robert Graham, but they also called it quits this past May. 

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