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Katy Perry Bumps Into Niall Horan, Playfully Calls Him a ‘Stage 5 Clinger’

Hot n cold! Katy Perry uploaded a video on Instagram on Saturday July 1, in which she teased Niall Horan for being a “stage 5 clinger” after the two ran into each other backstage at The Voice Australia.

In the video, Perry smiles and says “Hi” to Horan, who is peering into the camera. “Hi,” he responds. “Again,” she says. “Hello again, nice to see you,” he says, smiling. “You’re following me,” she playfully accuses. “Yeah, everywhere,” Horan responds, making a silly, skeptical face.

The post comes on the heels of Katy's claims that Horan seems interested in her.

“He’s always trying to like, get my number, to like, maybe flirt with me. But I’m like, ‘I could babysit you. I’m like your mom!” the 32-year-old joked during a recent interview with an Australian radio show.

All kidding aside, Perry later gushed about the former One Direction singer, 23, saying, ”Niall's amazing, I love him, and I think we feel very connected in a way because I, like, helped him get through The X Factor to join his group. He's become a big star and I'm like, 'Cool, I guess that means I have taste?' I don't know what that means."

The two singers have history together. In 2010, a 16-year-old Horan auditioned on the U.K’s X Factor when Perry was a guest judge. After getting two “yes” votes from judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, and one “no” from Cheryl Cole, Perry gave Horan the third “yes,” sending him to the next round. He was eventually partnered up with One Direction bandmates Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, and the rest is history.

Horan kindly shot down Perry’s claims when he spoke with Australia’s The Project on June 28 saying, “Katy, please stop being mean to me. She’s just finding any excuse now to just patronize me and go around spreading rumors about me. I just want to be your friend!”

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