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Ed Sheeran Explains Why He Quit Twitter: It's Just 'People Saying Mean Things'

Thanks for nothing, trolls. Ed Sheeran has no interest in tweeting again, he revealed in a new interview.

"I've actually come off Twitter completely. I can't read it," he told The Sun in an interview published Monday, July 3. "I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things."

The vitriol directed toward the two-time Grammy winner also baffles him. "The head-f--k for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much," he added. "One comment ruins your day."

The 26-year-old musician, who is set to guest star in season 7 of Game of Thrones, also explained that while he may no longer be personally tweeting through his account, it won't be sitting idle: His Instagram account will be automatically generating tweets.

While some people may be directing nasty comments at the talented singer, several very famous names have spoken out in support of Sheeran in recent months.

"I had Ed Sheeran sleep on my couch for six weeks," Jamie Foxx told Entertainment Tonight in June. "You gotta press anybody that's got that artistic feel, that touch. You've got to lift them up."

In April, Taylor Swift, one of Sheeran's best pals, penned a sweet essay about the singer, who was featured in Time's "100 Most Influential People" feature. Sheeran, she wrote, is "protected by an impenetrable and ever-present armor of enthusiasm that has helped him endure any setback, letdown or underestimation."

The "Shape of You" singer has also shown the world that he has a big heart. In March, the charity organization Comic Relief confirmed that Sheeran helped save the lives of Liberian boys who were living on the streets by paying for the boys to stay in a house with adult supervision.

If someone like that is worthy of ridicule on Twitter, then who's worthy of praise?

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