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50 Cent Disses Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album: ‘S--t Was Like Golf Course Music’

Not up to par. 50 Cent slammed Jay-Z’s new album 4:44 as “golf course music” in a since-deleted Instagram video on Wednesday, July 5. 

The “In Da Club” rapper, 42, gave his review from the front seat of his car after listening to it at the gym. “I thought the s--t was aight, you know what I’m sayin’? I liked the s--t. But I’mma keep it 100: The s--t was a little, the s--t was too smart,” he said in the video, according to Variety. “I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and s--t, and tie a f--king sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League s--t.”

He jabbed that Jay-Z’s moment is over as king of the hip-hop world. “I’mma tell you the truth: N--gas hot out there. They don’t wanna hear that s--t. They just wanna have a good time. F--k that. You can’t be the best rapper at 47, because the new n--gas is here,” he said, naming Future and Migos as talented, up-and-coming performers.

The G-Unit performer continued: “I ain’t gon’ hold you up. Some of that s--t was like golf course music.” 50 Cent reportedly added in the caption, “I felt like I needed a pair of loafers on when I listen to jay s--t. LOL. golf any one!!!”

50 Cent’s criticism comes just a few weeks after Jay-Z named him as an inspiration. After the Roc Nation Sports founder was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame on June 15, he thanked 50 Cent on Twitter as someone who influenced his career.

Jay-Z, who welcomed twins with Beyoncé earlier this month, dropped his 13th studio album on Thursday, June 29. For the most part, it's received rave reviews and went platinum less than a week after it debuted exclusively on Tidal. 

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