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Seth Rogen Is Mortified After His Mom Tweets About Her Sex Life

This is superbad. Seth Rogen had a few choice words for his mom, Sandy, after she tweeted about her sex life.

“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga,” Sandy wrote on Wednesday, July 5.

The Neighbors actor, 35, retweeted his mom’s message shortly after. “Jesus f--king Christ mom,” he replied in horror.

The Rogen family matriarch was quick to clap back at her mortified son. “It’s just an observation of life!” she noted, to which the Knocked Up star responded, “Whatever!!” But it was Sandy who had the last word: “Whateverrrrrrrr mom mm!” she said, mocking her son.

The This Is the End actor’s tweet was shared more than 168,000 times, and many of his famous friends chimed in as well. “I love it and I don’t want you to dissuade her,” Mindy Kaling said in defense of Sandy’s remarks. Rogen replied, “I don’t think I can.” The comedian’s Game Over, Man! costar Anders Holm added, “Bestow thy MUTE.”

This is not the first time that Rogen’s mom has used the social platform to express herself. In March 2016, theproud parent tweeted her excitement for her son’s latest film. “Sausage party was a ride like no other!!!” she said of the animated film for adults.

In August that same year, she shared a photo of herself posing next to a poster of Rogen.

Sandy also took to Twitter in September to help the Superbad star identify a plant by his house. “Do any of you know what flower this is? Like for real tho,” Rogen captioned a pic of a unique shrub. “It really is a ‘dutchman’s pipe,’” she replied.

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