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Bridget Marquardt ‘Lost Contact’ With Hugh Hefner, Got ‘the Runaround’ When She Tried to Return to Playboy Mansion

Bridget Marquardt says she hasn’t talked to her ex Hugh Hefner in years, and she’s no longer welcome at the famed Playboy Mansion.

The former Girls Next Door star, 43, told Australia’s The Morning Show that she was still in touch with the 91-year-old magazine founder for “a while” after she left the mansion in 2009. “I was still going back to some of the parties occasionally. My boyfriend [Nick Carpenter] and I would go back and I was still in touch with Hef,” she said.

Things changed after a few years, though. "We kind of lost contact, and I tried to go back to the mansion. He told me there was always an open door any time I wanted to go back, but I heard that’s not quite true lately,” she said. “So I actually called and tried to go to the mansion earlier this year, and I’m just sort of getting the runaround, so I haven’t heard back yet if I’m allowed up there.”

Marquardt also got personal about her fertility struggle with Carpenter, and how she froze her eggs while living with Hefner. “I started a long time ago back when I was at the mansion. I was 34 years old, and I knew that I wanted a possibility of having a family one day, but I wasn’t dating anyone obviously because I'm living at the mansion,” she said. "But I just wanted to make sure I had the possibility, so I froze my eggs back then and that was my insurance policy for later on in life."

After a cycle of IVF failed, she and Carpenter decided to use her frozen eggs. “We decided to go ahead and thaw my eggs that I had retrieved at the mansion, and none of them survived the thaw,” she continued. "That was pretty devastating for me because all this time I though I had an amazing insurance policy, and it didn’t work out."

The E! personality, who lived in the mansion with Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, said she never saw a future with Hefner, but she wouldn’t change anything about the past. “I don’t regret my time there at all. I wasn’t the main girlfriend in the relationship,” she said. "Hef and Holly were the ones talking about possible marriage and having kids, and I knew I was never going to do that kind of thing with Hef."

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