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Paris Hilton Is ‘Very Proud’ of ‘The Simple Life': 'I Watch It 'All the Time' With Boyfriend Chris Zylka

Though The Simple Life left television screens nearly a decade ago, Paris Hilton has no interest in leaving her days on the reality series behind her.

“My boyfriend [Chris Zylka] and I watch it all the time,” Hilton, 36, told Refinery 29 of the show, which hilariously documented her and Nicole Richie navigating manual labor from 2003-2007. "I think one of the most funny ones was when Nicole and I worked at Sonic. We were just dressed up on those big milkshake outfits, and we were running around and causing trouble.”

The DJ added of the series: "We always had so much fun on that show. [Richie] is so funny.”

Still, Hilton does have one minor grievance about her time working on the show. “People think because of the character I played — people assume before they meet me that I'm a really ditzy dumb blonde,” she said. "That’s the one thing that kind of annoys me sometimes. They just think because of the reality show that's who I really am. But that was just a character that I created.”

Taking on the exaggerated version of herself led to unplanned success for the former socialite. "I didn't realize what a huge success [it would be] — that I would have to continue playing this character for five years,” Hilton explained. "With everything that's happening, though, with my business, I think people can understand that you couldn't possibly get this far being a dumb blonde."

Though there’s nothing in the works just yet, Hilton isn’t entirely ruling out getting back on the farm for a series revival. "They've been talking to me about it and asking me for a while,” she revealed. "I've just been so busy with everything else going on. Reality TV is not really a priority for me; I get offered every single day from different networks and producers coming up with ideas. I just don't think anything has been innovative or exciting to me. So, I'd rather focus on my business. I feel like that show was just everything. So, it would be really hard to recreate that."

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