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Becca Tilley Did This When She Realized Ellen Pompeo Was on Her Flight

It’s a beautiful day to fly! Becca Tilley was on the same flight as Ellen Pompeo on Wednesday, July 19, and just like any of Us would, she her for a photo!

The Bachelor alum, 25, took to Twitter to express her excitement and ask her followers for advice through a hilarious poll, which more than 7,000 people participated in.

More than 91% of fans encouraged the fashion blogger to reach out to the Grey’s Anatomy star, 47 — and she took their advice.

Fellow Bachelor contender Olivia Caridi also weighed in on the excitement, tweeting Tilley, “OMG I’M SO JEALOUS if there is turbulence on that flight everyone is in such good hands.”

Tilley later tweeted: “I’ve never felt safer on a plane, knowing that Meredith Grey is on here with me.”

Pompeo portrays Dr. Meredith Grey on the ABC medical drama, and her character is no stranger to airborne crises. In the season 8 finale, Dr. Grey survived after her plane crashed in the woods. Five seasons later, the stouthearted surgeon preformed brain surgery amid turbulence on an injured passenger.

While awaiting a response from the actress, Tilley took to Twitter again to voice her nerves. 

Pompeo has yet to tweet the reality star back.

ABC has confirmed that Grey's Anatomy will return for a 14th season, which will air in the fall.

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