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Ryan Gosling Reacts to Making Harry Styles' Heart Rate Jump: 'He May Have a Heart Condition'

The dream(y) team! Harry Styles' heart rate jumped during a recent interview when he was shown a shirtless photo of Ryan Gosling in his favorite movie, The Notebook. Naturally, the La La Land actor was flattered by the news and shared his hilarious response.

"I'm more concerned he may have a heart condition," Gosling, 36, quipped to Extra at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday, July 22. "It's less about me, more about something more serious."

Styles, 23, nearly had his pal Nick Grimshaw in hysterics when he was hooked up to a heart monitor for a BBC Radio 1 interview on Monday, July 17. The "Two Ghosts" singer's heart rate remained relatively stable throughout the game — that is, until Grimshaw pulled out the sexy picture of Gosling.

"Looking very handsome," Styles said as his heart rate jumped from 60 to 80 beats per minute. "It's a good scene. He's great, he's great." When Grimshaw pointed out the sudden spike, Styles laughed and protested, "No, it's not!"

The Dunkirk actor explained his reaction to Extra on Tuesday, July 18, saying, "I think it was a faulty heart monitor. I don't think it was medically accurate." Still, he admitted, "[Gosling] is a handsome man. I'm not ashamed."

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