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Microsoft Paint May Soon Be Discontinued

The end of an era. Microsoft announced that it may be getting rid of its beloved Paint program, and people voiced their disappointment about the app’s demise on social media. 

The company said on its website that Microsoft Paint is one of its features that will be “removed and deprecated” in the new Windows 10 update for PC computers that will be released this fall. The graphics editing program, which has been around for 32 years and was part of Windows 1.0 when it launched in 1985, was officially marked as “deprecated,” meaning that it is not in active development and may be completely removed in the future.

The program lets users digitally paint by dragging their computer mouse, and was a favorite program in the ‘90s for doodling. It is free and has come installed on all PC computers for decades. Microsoft later released a more sophisticated version, Paint 3D, which will still be part of the new software.

The news left people on social media feeling pretty nostalgic for the app that introduced them to computer art. “The era of Microsoft Paint is over? I’m finding it hard to brush this off,” one tweeter wrote. Another fan tweeted, “Why are they getting rid of #microsoftpaint ?!? I USE IT!! I NEED IT!!”

Others were ready to say good riddance to the old-school program. “So what if they are getting rid of Microsoft paint? Pull yourselves together, stop moaning and get a life,” one person tweeted.

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