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Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Crash Same-Sex Wedding in Canada

Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell surprised two Canadians brides by crashing their wedding!

The couple showed up to Kirsten and Kayleigh Jennings’ reception at Pizzeria Gusto restaurant on Saturday, July 22, in the River Heights area of Winnipeg, Canada.

The newlyweds were dancing the night away when the owner of the restaurant asked them, “Hey, is it OK if Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, Stella, come and have a few drinks with you guys?” Kirsten recalled to the Canadian outlet CBC News. “And I was like, 'Yeah, totally! Yeah, no problem. Um, who is that?'"

Stewart, 27, is currently in town filming her latest movie, JT LeRoy, which also stars Laura Dern and Diane Kruger, and the Victoria’s Secret model often visits her when she’s traveling. “They’re both so busy with work,” a source close to Maxwell, 27, told Us back in May, “but try to be together when they can.”

Meanwhile, the Canadian brides said they treated the famous couple like any other guests, telling them to “come and party." Kayleigh told the site, "I actually wasn't as star-struck as I thought I would be."

"They looked just like two normal girls,” Kirsten added. “They look a little Hollywood, but if we didn't know who they were, I don't know if I would have known.”

Stewart and Maxwell drank, danced and even requested songs throughout the three hours they were there. The wedding DJ, Karli Elizabeth Colpitts, posted photos and video of the surprise cameo on Instagram.

“Dj'ed the MOST fun wedding for these incredible wom[e]n last night and had an unplanned guest show up to dance with us at the end of the night! Apparently Kristen Stewart loves Beastie boys ! #djkchedda #kirandkay,” she captioned the gallery.

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