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Woman Sees Late Mother Outside Her Home on Google Earth: ‘It Made My Day’

Denise Underhill was missing her mom, Beryl Turton, who passed away in 2015. So the Brit, who moved to Florida, from Tamworth, England, hopped on her computer.

“As I went about my housework, I somehow instantaneously had the impulse to call my mother,” Underhill told U.K. paper the Tamworth Herald, “but realizing that it was completely out of the question I decided to Google Earth my mother’s home to see how it looked.”

Underhill spotted a familiar silver birch tree at first. And then something immediately took her breath away. “I got the BIGGEST surprise EVER!” she told Tamworth Herald. “I just couldn’t believe it. At the foot of the driveway was my mother. She was watering the garden, just as she always did.”

In the photo, which was taken on a gray afternoon, the late Turton is seen at the end of the driveway holding a blue watering can.

“I was absolutely astounded. It made my day,” Underhill continued. “You never know what photos are being taken but they really do last a lifetime.”

She added: “I think someone wanted me to see this."

Google Earth is famed for capturing bizarre images from a graveyard of military planes to a woman giving birth on the sidewalk. 

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