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Simone Biles Hopes to Make Fans Laugh with Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Video

Simone Biles shared a hilarious video of her post-wisdom teeth surgery on Instagram, and it truly deserves its own medal. The 20-year-old gymnast proved that though she is a gold medal-winning Olympian, she is not immune to the embarrassment of being recorded after waking up from this painful procedure.

While Biles was still at the oral surgeon’s office, someone in her family caught her on video and her reaction is priceless. At first, the Dancing with the Stars contestant, who is clearly still under the effects of anesthesia, is heard mumbling some words since the gauze is still in her mouth. But then she pretends to be driving a car and even honks the imaginary horn a few times.

The Olympian posted a selfie alongside her sister Adria Biles teasing the funny moment saying, “wisdom teeth = gone ps I have a funny video to share with y'all ! haha.”

The star proved she is not afraid to laugh at herself, writing a message to her followers in the caption saying, “after wisdom teeth !! no words