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Elizabeth Olsen: Mary-Kate and Ashley Give Me a Lot of Career Advice

Learning from the best! Elizabeth Olsen dished on getting acting advice from her twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

“I think they’ve give me a lot of little advice along the way,” the Avengers actress, 28, told Us Weekly exclusively on Thursday, July 27, at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie Ingrid Goes West, which also stars Parks and Rec alum Aubrey Plaza. Olsen also shared that the fashion designers, 31, have recommended “people to work with” in the industry, in addition to offering her meaningful feedback throughout her career. 

However, when it comes to preparing for a role, the Wind River star works better alone and doesn’t run lines with the Full House veterans. “They live in New York. I don’t even run lines with my roommates! I think that’s like an idea the world has of [me and my sisters] or something. But no, I’m not standing around running lines with my sisters.”

Although the youngest Olsen sibling starting acting at a young age, she put her career on hiatus after turning 10 in order to enjoy her childhood. “I wanted to do my after-school sports and dance instead,” she told News Corp in 2016. The Marvel starlet returned to the spotlight in 2011 with a breakout performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene.

The Godzilla actress is relatively new to Hollywood, but she manages to stay positive despite getting some negative feedback. “I don’t really hold strangers’ opinions that high in my book anyway, just because of my job and I’ve had to create a healthy relationship with haters and rejection, so I only care about peoples’ opinions if they’re close to me,” she explained to Us. “I obviously do pay attention to critics and I pay attention to people who are talking about the work I’m in. If someone has something nasty to say about me, like that’s cool but we’ve never met. So if you don’t like me, that’s fine. We might never get along in some world if we had met.”

Ingrid Goes West opens in theaters on Friday, August 11.

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