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Armie Hammer Reveals Date Night Rule: Don't Talk About the Kids!

Their golden rule! It can be tough to plan a date night with two young kids at home. That's why when Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, do get the chance to sneak out they keep the conversation focused on themselves.

"We go to sushi, and we don’t talk talk about the kids, that’s the biggest thing," Chambers, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly at the HFPA Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, August 2.

"We’re not allowed to talk about the kids," Hammer, 30, chimed in. Chambers added: "We don’t have date night just to tell cute kid stories."

Hammer admitted that they make time for each other "by force."

"It’s hard when you're breastfeeding — my wife — it's hard cause there’s only so much time you can leave," he explained. "You just make it work. You know? You figure it out. You have friends and family. You figure it out."

The Final Portrait star and the actress tied the knot in May 2010 after four years of dating. They are parents of daughter Harper, 2, and recently welcomed son Ford in January.

"Ford’s doing great," Hammer told Us on Wednesday. "He’s 6-months-old, so he’s just sort of hitting that point where he recognizes us. We walk into a room and he smiles and he gives you the love back, so we just play. It’s honestly just the goofiest, most ridiculous stuff that makes him laugh, so I’m sure from an outside perspective, it would just look ridiculous."

He continued: "I do think it’s pretty funny when he pees on my wife. That’s always a good one. He’s just hilarious. He loves to laugh, and he’s also very shy. So he’ll start laughing and then he’ll hide his face. He’s cute."