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Channing Tatum Shows Off Sexy Dance Moves With Sunoco Gas Station Employee

When Channing Tatum stopped by a Sunoco gas station in North Carolina for an iced coffee on Tuesday, August 8, things got unexpectedly steamy.

During a Facebook Live video posted to the actor’s Facebook page, Tatum, 37, begins to chat with a store employee named Beatrice. The two engage in hilarious back and forth banter including Beatrice asking another customer if they know who Tatum is. When the customer says no, Tatum replies: “I’m the manager.”

Soon, the two put on music and begin to dance behind Beatrice’s register, with Tatum pulling out a slightly toned down version of his infamous Magic Mike moves — even briefly using a store chair as a prop.

During a dance break, Beatrice jokes “We’re gonna party, just me and you,” to which Tatum replies, "We can just start the party right now in the store.” With that, the two turn up the music even louder and continue their in-sync dance moves.

"Nothin better than a little dance party,” Tatum wrote alongside the video. "Thank you, Beatrice