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Corinne Olympios: ‘A Lot of Therapy’ Helped Me Through the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal

Holding her head up high. Corinne Olympios opened up about the hardships she faced throughout the past two months and how she’s staying positive in the wake of the Bachelor in Paradise investigation and fallout.

“I’ve had many different experiences with The Bachelor. All positive, all good. There was a setback, but everything really just comes from me and how I’m feeling,” the business owner, 25, told Us Weekly and other reporters at the Showpo U.S. Launch Party in Hollywood on Thursday, August 24. “I always try to just come being the best I can be, the best Corinne I can be, I guess. And I really just follow my heart. I don’t really let anything else get in the way.”

As previously reported, Warner Bros. shut down production for two after a produced filed an allegation of sexual misconduct between the fashion designer and DeMario Jackson. After the production company found no evidence of wrongdoing and concluded its investigation, filming resumed but neither Olympios nor Jackson returned to the show.

The Bachelor alum told Us that she’s gotten through the scandal by taking time for herself.”[I’ve been doing] a lot of yoga, a lot of therapy, just family time,” she said, adding that her mom has been her biggest support system. “We’re a really close family.”

As Bachelor Nation recalls, Jackson, 30, sat down with Chris Harrison on the Tuesday, August 22, episode of Bachelor in Paradise to tell his side of the story and clarify the incident with Olympios as he saw it. Next Tuesday, the Miami native will share her version of events.

“Chris Harrison has always been a really good friend of mine. He’s great,” Olympios told Us, adding that she felt very comfortable opening up to the franchise’s host. “I’m really happy [the interview] was with Chris because Chris is a good friend of mine. So I’d rather [do the] interview with him than anyone else.”

The Team Corn founder, who felt “like the media was trying to paint [her] a certain way and everyone through they knew what happened” is looking forward to speaking her truth. “It’s going to be really great finally being able to tell my side of things, through my eyes,” she said.

Olympios is holding her head up high, despite what her Bachelor in Paradise cast members believe happened before the production halt. “I’m really close with everybody. Obviously, everybody had their own opinions on things and everyone was just waiting for things to unfold. Thankfully, everything’s good with all my friends,” she continued. “I have no problem with Bachelor Nation. I love Bachelor Nation. I am Bachelor Nation.”