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Robby Hayes Reveals Whether He’s Still Friends With Josh Murray Since Dating Amanda Stanton

Friendship breakup? Robby Hayes and Josh Murray aren’t close anymore after Hayes started dating Murray’s ex-fiancée Amanda Stanton

The Florida native, 28, revealed the status of his friendship with Murray on The Morning Breath podcast on Monday, August 28. "We text here and there,” he said of his one-time BFF. “It’s definitely lost its spark.”

Murray and Stanton, 27, got engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season 3 finale in summer 2016. The former baseball player, 33, relocated to California and moved in with the esthetician and her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie. However, the couple ended up splitting in December 2016 and Murray headed back to Atlanta. Stanton returned to Paradise for round two, and hit it off with Hayes. 

Hayes shared that his romance with Stanton is progressing after leaving Mexico. "Amanda and I are great. We’re hanging out. We carried kind of what we had into figuring out how it could be in the real world because Paradise is a lot different,” he said. "I think it’s going to be the start of something special. I think everybody can see that.”

He added that they’re taking things slow. “Building a house fast increases its chances of it falling down faster,” he continued. "Building it slow and building that foundation at the bottom …. [it] stays stronger.”

Murray previously told Us Weekly that he was happy for Stanton and wished her well. “That ship has definitely sailed. Amanda and I are done,” he said in June. “But like I said, I wish her nothing but the best. Hopefully she can find love in Paradise for the second time. We’ll see what happens.”