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Mandy Moore Gets Stitches After Getting Hit In The Eye With Shower Door Handle

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! Mandy Moore is frantically looking for ways to get rid of a black eye after she was hit with a shower door handle.

The This Is Us star shared a photo on Instagram on Thursday, August 31, that showed her right eye was covered in black and blue bruises, and also showed the stitches she had to urgently get after the incident. Moore, 33, took to Instagram to say a shower handle door had caused her injury and asked followers for cures to help her heal quicker.

“Shower door handle- 1, Mandy- 0. Real talk: how does a girl get rid of a black eye pronto? Any helpful hints (minus Ice and arnica??),” she asked her 1.4 million followers.

The A Walk To Remember actress revealed that she had to call on Dr. David Stoker late at night to give her stitches, writing: “Thanks @stokerplasticsurgery for coming in at 9pm to sew me up!! Never had stitches or a black eye before... what a day!