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Bachelor's Becca Tilley: This Is Why I Broke Up With Robert Graham

The timing was off! Becca Tilley opened up about her split from boyfriend Robert Graham while attending the End-of-Summer Bachelor Party, which benefited the Restore Dignity charity, in L.A. on Wednesday, September 6.

"The reason that Robert and I aren’t together is because I felt like I was really busy with work and traveling a lot so it wasn’t a sense of like, ‘Oh, I want to be free and date as many guys as possible.’ It was more of me just wanting to take this time for myself and focus on me and what I’m doing," the Bachelor alum exclusively told Us Weekly.

"It just ended. It wasn’t like one of us cheated or there was this bitterness," she explained. "I still care a lot about him and there’s no hard feelings. Hopefully on either side, but I can say that for me."

Us broke the news in May that Tilley and the fellow Bachelor Nation star broke up after a couple of months of dating. Tilley revealed that she's now "extremely single" and that "the dating world terrifies" her.

"I’m really happy and the dating apps really scare me," she added on Wednesday. "I don’t know what’s going to happen!"

Tilley isn't "really dating" at the moment, even though some of her Instagram followers recently linked her to Dean Unglert. The Bachelorette alum starred on Rachel Lindsay's season and recently got caught in a love triangle during season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

"I post photos on social media with guys like Dean and people very quickly assume that we’re dating," Tilley told Us. "It’s just very funny how social media can quickly escalate based on photos."

Tilley has previously dated Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Chris Soules — and she's still friends with them.

"Ben’s honestly one of my favorite people," she said. "I’m friends with Chris Soules. I just have really accepted that even though things don’t work out romantically, if I find myself being able to have a connection with them even in a friendship way, if they’re good people then I’m happy to have them in my life."

It's not awkward to be around Higgins' ex-fiancée Lauren Bushnell either. "I’m here for both of them as long as they’re both in a happy place moving forward. I think that’s all that matters," she told Us. "I would love to see Ben as the Bachelor again, but I think he’s like someone who takes it very serious and he wants to go on it when his heart’s ready. And I don’t think he’s there right now."