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Ashley Iaconetti: I Once Wanted Ryan Phillippe to ‘Take My V Card’

The struggle is real. Ashley Iaconetti opened up about the difficulties she faces dating guys who have preconceived notions of her due to her reality star status and revealed which actor she once wanted to take her virginity!

Although Iaconetti, 29, entertained an on and off romance with fellow Bachelor in Paradise costar Jared Haibon, her other celebrity crushes include Pico Alexander, Milo Ventimiglia, Giacomo Gianniotti and Ryan Phillipe, the latter of whom she once chatted with via Twitter.

“He responded once and then he stopped! It was right after he broke off his engagement,” the Bachelor alum told Us Weekly on Sunday, September 3. “I was with a friend of his friend and his friend had me DM him that I wanted him to take my V card and he didn’t respond! He was engaged in November and he responded to me a month after they broke up, but sadly, we didn’t work out.”

Iaconetti revealed that she has had awkward encounters with other love interests too. “[The guys I have dated] all pretend they don’t know who I am. Well, I did have one Hinge date that the guy didn’t know me, but then was bashing people who went on The Bachelor,” the Bachelor Nation fan-favorite said. “I’m glad that I didn’t bring it up. I was debating on if to tell him about my Bachelor past because some guys get turned off. So I didn’t talk about it, but it’s really hard because it’s such huge part of my life, my friendships and my work. Then they ask, ‘How do you have a podcast that gets over 200,000 listens?’ And I’m just like, ‘I don’t know! I guess people just like it.’”

Iaconetti, who hosts the Almost Famous podcast with former Bachelor Ben Higgins, explained that while some men she has dated may not know her by name, they’re familiar with her status as a virgin, which she spoke openly about during her stints on the franchise. “So I had to tell this guy and then he said, ‘Oh, I don’t believe anyone who is on The Bachelor. They’re all liars. I remember this one girl who was telling people on the show that she’s a virgin! What a liar!’ I honestly thought I was on What Would You Do and it was all a prank,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum joked. “I didn’t tell him it it was me, but it was shocking to me. He called us liars! And he called me a liar! It was funny looking back on it, but in the moment, it was insane.”

On the other hand, some men Iaconetti dated did their research before meeting her. “Some guys do Google me first and it’s tough to date as a virgin,” she continued. “I wrote a Hinge blog on this, but it is really hard. People think I’m going to be clingy. It’s not a turn on for guys. It makes dating really hard.”