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Bette Midler Takes Tumble During 'Hello, Dolly!' Show: What Happened?

Whoops! Bette Midler carried on with the show like a pro after she tumbled during a Hello, Dolly! performance in NYC on Thursday, September 14.

According to Playbill, Midler, 71, fell during the first act right before intermission. The show came to a halt before she was able to belt out "Before the Parade Passes By."

The Hocus Pocus star explained what happened in a tweet later that night. "You may hear I was in a little accident on stage tonight," she began. "Two set pieces collided, I had to make a run for it, and I fell. But I'm fine."

Midler won her very first acting Tony award for the lead role in June. "I am so privileged, so honored to receive this from you. I hope I don’t cry. I’d like to thank the Tony voters, many of whom I’ve actually dated," she joked during her acceptance speech at the time. "Every night I get to play in the sandbox of the Shubert with the greatest cast of clowns I’ve ever encountered."

Midler's speech became even more memorable when she ignored the wrap up music. "I just wanna say — oh, shut that crap off!" she continued. "Revival is an interesting word. It means something is near death and was brought back to life. But Hello, Dolly! never went away. It's in our national DNA. This is a classic, come and see it."