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John Legend: ‘I Have To Think About’ Not Swearing in Front of Luna

John Legend has a new drink of choice: Capri Sun.

In an ad for the beloved ‘90s juice, the 10-time Grammy winner teams up with two kids to trick their unsuspecting mom at a yoga class. Hooked up to a hidden ear piece, he is instructed to repeat whatever the duo say. 

“Bedtimes are stupid,” proclaims Chrissy Teigen’s husband. “Chores are dumb, too.” 

Then he delivers the real punch: “You know what’s awesome? Capri Sun’s four updated drinks. They have all natural ingredients and no added sugar. Bet you didn’t know that and I bet your kids would love some Capri Sun.”

The dad of daughter Luna tells Us the partnership was a no brainer.

“I’ve known the brand since I was a kid myself,” he explains. “I think it’s cool that they have unique flavors and they’re all natural with no added sugar. It’s the kind of thing we’ll probably be feeding Luna soon.”

At just 16 months, the littlest Legend already has an extensive palate. “She’s eats grown up food,” adds Legend. “She loves pretty much anything! We have traveled a lot and we’ve cooked a lot at the house and she pretty much eats whatever we eat. We just make sure it’s not too spicy. She’s had Asian cuisine, Italian, American and soul food.”

She’s working on upping her vocabulary, too. “She’s walking and talking. She’s not really saying full sentences but she thinks she is,” the 38-year-old continues. “She’ll say sounds that sound like she’s making a full sentence, but they don’t make any sense. She can really understand us a lot more than I thought she would by this time.”

With that in mind, he and his model wife are especially careful with their swearing. “I feel like I have to think about that now,” Legend tells Us. “I think the key with kids is you have to talk as much as you can around them. Hearing a lot of words helps them become more verbal. We’re all trying to be as verbal as possible around her.”