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DeMario Jackson Reveals If He Would Ever Date Corinne Olympios After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal

Three months after DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios found themselves at the center of a production-suspending scandal on Bachelor in Paradise, the costars’ bond is stronger than ever. “When all of this happened, we actually sat down and had a two-hour dinner to discuss everything,” Jackson recalled to Us Weekly and other reporters at the third annual Amber Rose SlutWalk on Sunday, October 1. “She was like, ‘Wait I thought this.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, you thought this?’ It was one of those things that I think people want us not to be friends because they want to paint a particular narrative.”

“Even now the narrative is ‘they’re friends now.’ Now, it’s like, ‘Oh it’s fake,’” Jackson continued. “It’s like damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t. I have the utmost respect for her, nothing but love for her. She’s back home right now and next week we’re going out, we’re having fun. She’s my homie. Straight-up homie.”

As previously reported, the Bachelor Nation stars enjoyed a September 25 trip to Disneyland, five days after having dinner at TAO in Hollywood. “They’ve been going out to dinner,” a source recently told Us. “They are hanging out and spending a lot of time together.” As previously reported, Warner Bros. placed BIP on a brief production halt in June after a producer filed an allegation of sexual assault involving Olympios and Jackson. Although filming resumed after the company found no evidence of misconduct, neither Olympios nor Jackson returned to the show.

While the duo has been enjoying spending time together, Jackson insists that their relationship isn’t romantic. “I’m not trying to date or do anything. My life has been too crazy,” he said. “I would be doing an injustice to any woman right now bringing her into this wildfire of a life that I live. The only person I’m dating is my career.”

Still, being a part of the ABC franchise has left him hopeful about one day finding love. “You can either leave the show extremely jaded, or you can be like me, and be like, ‘Wow, there are things like [married BIP season 3 stars] Carly [Waddel] and Evan [Bass]. You see situations like that, or like a [recently engaged BIP season 4 couple] Derek [Peth] and Taylor [Nolan] situation. So I’m all for it, I’m all about it.”