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Demi Lovato Was Just Asked If 'Ruin the Friendship' Is About Nick Jonas

She'll never tell! Demi Lovato was put in the hot seat during The Ellen DeGeneres Show — but kept her composure. The singer was asked if the rumors are true that her song "Ruin the Friendship" is about her BFF Nick Jonas.

"I'm told to ask these questions. I don't care, I don't. But supposedly there is a a song about Nick Jonas and because you just claimed to be so honest I think you should be honest with that answer," DeGeneres, 59, said on Wednesday, October 4.

"But you don't care!" Lovato, 25, said. "Something that I will always keep to myself is who I write my songs about."

"I see, so it's probably about him. You're best friends?" DeGeneres asked.

Lovato, blushing, replied: "Yeah."

Lovato, who previously dated Jonas' older brother Joe Jonas, got fans guessing as soon as she dropped her sixth album, Tell Me You Love Me, late last month. Lovato and the "Close" singer have been friends for years — and her lyrics are a bit telling.

"Put down your cigar and pick me up / Play me your guitar, that song I love / Thirsty for your love / Fill up my cup,” she sings on the track. “Your body’s looking good tonight / I’m thinkin’ we should cross the line / Let’s ruin the friendship … What’s taken us all this time?"

Does Nick often post cigar photos? Check. Does Nick play guitar? Double check.

The word is still out on who the song is about, but the stars did say during James Corden's Carpool Karaoke last year that they only have a platonic relationship and have never had romantic feelings for each other.