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Woman’s Insanely Complex Peanut Butter Sandwich Hack Is Getting Trolled

It appears the Food Network doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “hack.”

Last month, the channel shared a video to their Facebook page with the caption, “Behold the brilliant peanut butter hack you never knew you needed!” The clip, which recently went viral, has been viewed nearly six million times . . . because it’s unintentionally hilarious.

“You know how we have cheese slices and meat slices?” food blogger Bev Weidner asked in the video. “Why not peanut butter slices?”

The mom of twins then went on to list the “easy” steps:

1. Spread a block of peanut peanut across some parchment paper.

2. Fold the parchment over the peanut butter and roll it out with a rolling pin.

3. Place it in the freezer overnight.

4. Take it out of the freezer the next morning.

5. Grab kitchen shears and cut little squares or “slices.”

According to Weider, peanut butter slices “won’t rip your bread.”

The video racked up more than 7,000 comments. Among them:

“Show someone making ice cubes next. Be sure to post the recipe.”

“I can’t be the only one that doesn’t have an issue spreading peanut butter.”

“I feel like it’s a problem the people on infomercials have; try to spread peanut butter, bread tears, knock jar out of window, kitchen catches on fire, car explodes.”

“If you have trouble slicing an apple, just put it in the freezer, until it’s completely frozen, then throw it against a wall. It’ll smash into a thousand pieces. Just simply sweep them up and hey presto, easy to eat apple slices.”