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Tom Hanks Condemns Harvey Weinstein: ‘People in Power’ Shouldn’t Get Away With This

Tom Hanks is speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women.

“I’ve never worked with Harvey,” the Sully actor, 61, said in a profile published by The New York Times on Tuesday, October 11. “But, aah, it all just sort of fits, doesn’t it?”

Hanks also explained why he thinks Hollywood executives never spoke out against the movie mogul in the past despite their awareness of his behavior. “Well, that’s a really good question and isn’t it part and parcel to all of society somehow, that people in power get away with this? Look, I don’t want to rag on Harvey but so obviously something went down there,” he explained before touching on Weinstein’s remarks about growing up in a different time period when the “rules about behavior” in the workplace were different. “You can’t buy, ‘Oh, well I grew up in the ‘60s and ‘70s and so therefore…’ I did, too. So I think it’s like, well, what do you want from this position of power? I know all kinds of people that just love hitting on, or making the lives of underlings some degree of miserable, because they can.”

The Forest Gump star added: “Somebody great said this, either Winston Churchill, Immanuel Kant or Oprah: ‘When you become rich and powerful, you become more of what you already are.’ So I would say, there’s an example of how that’s true.”

“Just because you’re rich and famous and powerful doesn’t mean you aren’t in some ways a big fat ass. Excuse me, take away ‘fat.’ But I’m not, you know, I’m not the first person to say Harvey’s a bit of an ass,” Hanks continued. “Poor Harvey — I’m not going to say poor Harvey, Jesus. Isn’t it kind of amazing that it took this long? I’m reading it and I’m thinking ‘You can’t do that to Ashley Judd! Hey, I like her. Don’t do that. That ain’t fair. Not her, come on. Come on!”

As previously reported, Weinstein was fired from his own company after allegations of sexual misconduct made by multiple women, including Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, surfaced against him. Although he has denied all claims, the Miramax producer split from his wife, Georgina Chapman, and reportedly entered a rehab facility in Arizona to treat his sex addiction.