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Jennifer Aniston Donates $1 Million to Ricky Martin’s Foundation, American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief

Jennifer Aniston is donating $1 million to hurricane relief efforts, splitting the money between the Ricky Martin Foundation for Puerto Rico and the American Red Cross, after Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey severely damaged various areas in the country.

Just days after Martin, 45, appeared on The Ellen Show to encourage people to contribute to his fund, he took to Twitter on Thursday, October 12, to thank the Friends alum for her donation.

“Jennifer Aniston U R amazing Thanx 4 donating $500k for our #PuertoRico relief fund,” the singer wrote. “We will never forget. U R saving lives Jenn #Allin4PR”

"She is concerned that so much is still needed to be done for the victims of these recent hurricanes, especially Puerto Rico where there is still no power to most of the island," a source told E! News on Thursday about the Horrible Bosses actress, 48. "She hopes this inspires others to give what they can."

The “She Bangs” singer recently traveled to Puerto Rico to deliver supplies and to help those who were affected after the Caribbean island was devastated in September. “What you see on television doesn’t do justice to the reality of Puerto Rico,” the singer told Us Weekly and other reporters at a fundraising event in Miami to benefit Puerto Rico on Tuesday, October 10. “We are still dealing with four million U.S. citizens who still have no power, no medicine, no baby formula, no diapers after 15 days since this happened.”

“I don’t sleep, I’m in creative mode trying to see how we can bring love and hope to my people in Puerto Rico," Martin said. "We are alive. Even though we lost everything, we didn’t lose hope, we are smiling, and we’re fighting for what needs to happen for Puerto Rico to be back to what it was.”

So far, Martin has been able to raise more than $3 million with the help of other celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres and Alec Baldwin.

To donate to the Puerto Rico relief fund, visit youcaring.com/rickymartin and to donate to the American Red Cross, visit their website.