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 Dad Dips Into Kids’ Halloween Candy, Eats Something Terrifying

British dad Adrian Johnson learned an important lesson on October 31: never ever steal your kids’ Halloween candy. 

Johnson had put his daughters Eidy, 5, and Poppy, 7, down for bed after a night of trick-or-treating when he decided to satisfy a sweet tooth by digging into their haul. After inspecting the loot, the business owner settled on McVitie’s chocolate cookies. He made the wrong choice.

“Think I’ve just eaten a biscuit (from a packet given to our kids while trick or treating) that went out of date 17 years ago,” Johnson tweeted that night. “Not joking.” He included a photo of the incriminating sweet with the “best before” date, which read: May 15, 1999.

Johnson added: “Don’t think this specific brand exists anymore. Is there a doctor in the house?”

All it took was one bite before Johnson realized the cookie had turned bad. “My first mouthful, which I ate, I just thought, ‘that’s weird,” he told the Press Association on Wednesday, November 1. “Second bite I knew there was definitely something wrong with them.”

It was like nothing else he had ever experienced. “Just an awful, gone-off, long-lingering bad taste,” Johnson said. He added that he plans to alert the neighbors to what happened: “I might pop round tonight when I get home, more for their sake then to complain, as who knows what else they’re keeping in their cupboards.”

Meanwhile, Johnson’s girls had a good laugh. “My kids Poppy and Eidy, found it hilarious this morning when I told them the story as they were asleep when it happened,” he said. “They did point out that I shouldn’t have been pinching their Halloween treats in the first place!”

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