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Kevin Jonas Talks Joe And Sophie Turner’s Engagement

A perfect match! Kevin Jonas spoke to Us Weekly exclusively about his brother Joe‘s relationship with his fiancée, Sophie Turner.

“Oh my God. So happy for him,” Kevin told Us when asked about Joe and Turner’s engagement in New York City on Friday, December 1. “Welcome to the club.”

“I’m so excited I get to have another Jonas girl,” Kevin’s wife, Danielle, added.

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle
Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Travis W. Keyes

The DNCE frontman, 28, and Game of Thrones actress, 21, announced their engagement in October.

“She is fun, sweet,” Danielle continued. “She’s everything I would have wanted for Joe.”

“She allows Joe to be everything that Joe is,” Kevin, who handed out gifts at Rockefeller Center in a Ben Sherman-branded London Taxi on Friday, said. “He is an amazing person and it’s just interesting to see him be the best version of himself with her.”

Kevin told Us that there are no official plans for Joe’s bachelor party yet, but the brothers have talked about it.

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle
Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Travis W. Keyes

“There has been a lot of conversation about it,” Kevin confirmed. “We don’t talk about it front of [Danielle] because I’m already going to get in trouble for going for more than two days … so it’s going to be a whole thing.”

“The problem is … my brother … one of his best friends is her [Danielle’s] brother,” Kevin added. “They are like roommates in L.A. … it’s a whole thing. It’s a very big family thing here. He told me ‘I’ll handle Danielle. Don’t worry about it.’”

“He’s trouble! My brother is trouble,” Danielle joked.

Reporting by Marc Lupo

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