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2017-12-19 15:42:03


Reese Witherspoon Says 'Wreath Witherspoon' Is Still Going Strong

‘Tis the season! Reese Witherspoon has her pal Mindy Kaling to thank for a hysterical holiday tradition that makes its way back to social media each year.

“Wreath Witherspoon” was initially introduced to the world in a 2014 Christmas episode of The Mindy Project where Kaling’s character decked the halls with a festive garland dedicated to the Oscar winner. Each year, Witherspoon welcomes the hilarious craze with open arms and fans spend quality time crafting their own versions of the wreath.

On Monday, December 18, Witherspoon took to Instagram to share some of this year’s best fandom crafts — and thank her friend who inspired it all. “Y’all are hysterical keeping #WreathWitherspoon going!