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This Is What Happened When a Dog Spent the Night With His Grandpa

When Meghan Specksgoor first laid eyes on her dog Chance at the Richmond Animal League in Virginia, he was in pretty bad shape. The mixed breed pup — who was then known as Chap — had been brought in with a shattered jaw from someone shooting at him. 

“We had surgery done to get a plate put in his jaw and he has been perfect ever since,” Specksgoor told Bored Panda on Wednesday, December 27. “He’s been renamed after my favorite rapper Chance the Rapper. I thought it was fitting since he had been given a second chance at life.”

So when Specksgoor — who is very protective of Chance — had to visit New York City she decided to leave him with her father (a.k.a. grandpa) rather than placing the pooch in a kennel with strangers.