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This Is Catt Sadler’s New Boyfriend!
Catt Sadler dating Nick LaKind
Nick LaKind and Catt Sadler. Courtesy Nick LaKind/Instagram

Catt Sadler gushed about finding love in a recent blog post. “I have a new best friend who makes me laugh every single day,” wrote the former E! News host. “He lights up my life. He is also sober and his commitment to healthy living astonishes me. He teaches me. I am growing.”

That man making Sadler, 43, so happy is Nick LaKind, a designer living in Los Angeles. And he is equally smitten with her. In August, LaKind shared an Instagram photo of him and Sadler at a wedding in Hudson, New York.

“Are you Catt’s boyfriend?? Or just a friend? I know it’s one of my business . .” one person commented. LaKind happily responded: “@iamcattsadler is the wind beneath my wings, the sun that lights my skin, my dream come true . . . I think that should answer your question.