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Did Stacy London Finally Unblock TLC Cohost Clinton Kelly?

Focusing on forgiveness. Stacy London shared her social media revelation for the new year in a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, January 16.

“Last night, I was thinking about forgiveness. It’s very easy to say but sometimes not easy to do truthfully,” she wrote. “If you’re like me when I’m hurt I can hold a grudge. I know the old adage: being angry or vengeful or hateful to someone because they’ve wronged you is like taking poison expecting the other person to die. Anger is much easier to cope with for me than sadness and pain. Being angry feels pro-active and empowering like I’m in control of the situation.”

The What Not to Wear host — who made headlines in November 2017 for blocking cohost Clinton Kelly on Twitter — detailed how “taking action like blocking people” is a “waste” of her time. But it’s not clear if Kelly is yet to be unblocked.

Stacy London Social Media Clinton Kelly
Stylists Clinton Kelly and Stacy London of “What Not To Wear” speak during the TLC portion of the 2010 Television Critics Association Press Tour at the Langham Hotel on January 14, 2010 in Pasadena, California. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

She continued: “I can’t stop people from the way they behave. I can’t stop them from being angry with me, hurtful to me, or indifferent to me.”

“I can block ex-friends and ex-lovers, people I feel wronged by, but to what end? For the most part, these people aren’t even looking at my accounts in the first place and even if they were, why would being able to see this highlight reel of my life matter in the slightest?”

She then opted to describe how “social media is not a democracy,” but instead “a dictatorship,” which gives her all the right to delete — or block — someone who causes “pain and sadness.”

The 48-year-old TV personality concluded the post, “Forgiveness is something you give yourself to move on, to find peace, to let go. So I unblocked a bunch of people today. If this resonates, maybe you can too. ❤️”

As previously reported, news broke of her blocking her TLC counterpart after he shared a tweet that said, “Alllll righty then,” alongside a screenshot showing that he was no longer able to converse with her through the social media platform.

Kelly detailed his relationship with London in his 2017 memoir I Hate Everyone, Except You. “I either adored her or despised her and never anything in between,” he wrote. “We spent nearly 60 hours a week in captivity, rarely more than an arm’s length away from each other. Trust me when I tell you that that is just too much time to spend with any other human being you didn’t choose of your own free will.”