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Khloe Kardashian Is ‘Enjoying Every Moment’ of Being Pregnant 
Khloe Kardashian, Pregnant, Cellulite, Twitter Fight
Khloe Kardashian appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles, California on January 4, 2018. Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian handled a blogger’s criticism about embracing her pregnancy in the most classy way possible.

As previously reported, the Revenge Body star tweeted on Thursday, January 25, “I now have cellulite on my legs! Cute! Cute! Pregnancy may make cellulite look worse for a while, because the weight that you gain in pregnancy could make it more noticeable. I feel like I’ve always had cellulite but it’s way more prominent at the moment.”

“So far no stretch marks. So I’m happy about that the perks of being chubby previously,” she joked. “Lol my tummy knows how to stretch.”

While most fans praised the reality star for being open about her body changing while pregnant, one blogger commented, “Stretch marks are tiger stripes you earn as a mom. I wish celebrities would embrace pregnancy and not worry about their body image. Do you want to see what a real body of a mother of four looks like?” before adding, “Embrace it you wanted a baby!”