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Rick Ross Shares Photo After Returning Home From Hospital

Rick Ross is back on social media! The rapper, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts, spoke out following his hospitalization, posting an Instagram photo on Thursday, March 8.

“Ain’t nothing like home,” the 42-year-old star wrote, before adding, “I love y’all” and signing the post with his initials, “WLR.” The black and white photo taken from the back shows his jacket, which reads “Black Bottle Boys.” While leaning one hand against the wall, he’s holding in his other bottle of Luc Belaire Rosé, the champagne that he is an official brand ambassador for.

Ross returned home from the hospital on Monday, March 5, TMZ reported. He was hospitalized on Thursday, March 1, after being found unconscious in his home, and while the official reason for his hospitalization has not been released, the site reports that he was suffering from respiratory problems. On Friday. March 2, he was reportedly hooked up to a life-support machine to assist the functions of his heart and lungs. However, a family member also denied to TMZ that Ross was every hospitalized.

The Davie Police Department confirmed to Us Weekly that officials were called to the “Purple Lamborghini” rapper’s home on on Thursday after a 911 caller found the rapper unresponsive. When trying to wake him, Ross was “slobbing out of the mouth,” the unidentified caller told police.

This is not the first heath scare for Ross. In 2011, he suffered two seizures in the same day and was rushed to a hospital in Alabama. However, he claims that the seizures were due to a lack of sleep.