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How Well Does Andy Grammer Know His Grammar? Watch To Find Out!

He can sing, he can dance, but does he know his grammar? Singer and song writer Andy Grammer stopped by Us Weekly to play a game of “Good Grammar With Andy Grammer” because, well, why not?

We asked the music sensation to spell words from song lyrics, for example: in “You Gotta Keep Your Head Up!” Is it ‘your’ or ‘you’re’? Watch the video above to see if the “Honey, I’m Good” crooner can figure out the words in question!

Andy Grammer
Andy Grammer

Just because his last name is Grammer, doesn’t mean he did well in English class, but he did pass our test with flying colors. “I wasn’t good at grammar until everybody made me play these games,” the 34-year-old told Us.

It was impossible to stump Grammer. He got everything right – from guessing which “to” and “too” were correct in Bruno Mars’ lyric “too young, too dumb to realize,” to spelling “there” in his own lyric, “it’s been a long night here, and a long night there.”

The new dad proved that he will be an excellent grammar teacher for his daughter, Louisiana, who he and wife Aijia Lisa welcomed on July 28, 2017.

To see if he was stumped with Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé or Katy Perry lyrics, watch him play “Good Grammar With Andy Grammer” in the video above!

Catch the musician on tour this spring promoting his new album The Good Parts.

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