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Cynthia Nixon Still Running for Governor After Losing Democratic Primary

Don’t count Miranda out just yet! Cynthia Nixon is still planning to run for the governor of New York despite losing the Democratic primary to sitting governor Andrew Cuomo.

The former Sex and the City star, 52, failed to secure the 25 percent of votes that she needed to earn a post of the primary ballet on Wednesday, May 23, the New York Daily News reports. Cuomo, meanwhile, won more than 95 percent of the vote.

“I’m not a protest candidate,” Nixon told the Daily News at the Democratic convention on Wednesday. “I’m a viable candidate who is really running hard for the Democratic nomination, and that’s why I’m here, to say this is my party, too, I’m not afraid and I’m here. You can’t shut me out.”

The actress announced her plans to run for governor on March 19. SATC alum Mario Cantone exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month that he believes Nixon would be a “magnificent governor.” Sarah Jessica Parker also endorsed her former costar in March.

“A mother. An activist. An advocate. A fighter. A NY’er. A dear friend. Running for Governor of our great state,” the Divorce actress wrote on Instagram at the time. “My sister on and off screen, you have my love, support and vote.”

Nixon made it clear on Wednesday via social media that she is not backing down from the race.

“I am attending the convention today because New York Democrats deserve to have at least one actual Democrat running for governor at their state convention,” she tweeted. “This campaign isn’t just about me. It’s about a Democratic Party that fights for its voters—not just its corporate donors. It’s about the communities tired of being beaten down and always put last. We’re ready to fight for a New York for all of us. We’re ready to fight for you!”