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Ellen Pompeo Reveals She Was Robbed During Her Vacation in Italy

Don’t mess with Dr. Meredith Grey! Ellen Pompeo was the victim of a robbery during her vacation in Italy. The Grey’s Anatomy star revealed to fans via Instagram that someone tried to ruin her trip by stealing her purse and running away with it.

Pompeo, 48, shared a photo of two Italian cops on Friday, May 25, thanking them and the restaurant where she was for their help.

“My purse was stolen from right under my nose!! I blame the rose!!” she captioned the snap. “But Grazia to who ever stole it for dropping it on the street exactly in tact.”

She added: “I was tracking my phone and chasing you down… had I caught you… it would not have ended well for you. I am nice but lets not forget my heritage… NAPOLITANO.”

She then noted that while the thief got away, he might’ve been captured on camera, writing: “Also I hope you were smiling because e Sarai catturato perche sei in macchina