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Interviewer Jokes to Taylor Swift That Star Needs a Shower

Way to shake it off! Taylor Swift rocked BBC Music’s the Biggest Weekend festival in Swansea, Wales, on Sunday, May 27, and though she put on quite a show, the singer received a comment afterward that she probably wasn’t expecting.

“It’s nice to see you. I think you need to have a shower now,” BBC Radio 1’s Greg James joked to the 28-year-old songstress after their televised interview.

“I agree! And I’m not offended that you said that!” Swift, who looked stunning in a sequined black body suit and corset, responded cheerfully. “There’s a lot going on and none of it’s good here!”

Though the temperature in Swansea reached a high of about only 71 degrees on Sunday, according to Accuweather, the humidity was quite high at around 80 percent. And so like many of the 26,000 fans at the festival, Swift — who had put on an energetic show in the sun after playing Denver just two days earlier — was a tad sweaty.

While the 10-time Grammy winner gave a perfect response to the 32-year-old DJ’s comment, some viewers shared their disbelief on Twitter.

“#TaylorSwift has her first recorded interview after years of not doing them and she’s told that she needs a shower …