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The Challenge’s Cara Maria Admits She’s ‘Dating’ Paulie Calafiore
Cara Maria and Paulie
Cara Maria and Paulie Courtesy of Cara Maria

Reality showmance turned real-life romance. Cara Maria Sorbello went into The Challenge: Final Reckoning as a single woman, but is now dating fellow castmember Paul Calafiore, she confirmed to Us Weekly.

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“I guess you would have to call it dating. The thing about my past relationships is theory were very very controlling,” she told Us on the “Watch With Us” podcast ahead of the season 32 premiere. “I like the freedom to do as I wish but to choose on my own terms not to do it. The thing about him that I love is that he’s not jealous at all about anything. He’s not controlling. He doesn’t ask me a million questions. It’s refreshing. On top of that, he’s really affectionate. It’s not like he’s not asking about these things or not acting jealous because he doesn’t care, because he actually does.”

She continued: “When he’s with me, he’s hands on. Holding my hand, telling me I’m beautiful even when I’m disgusting first thing in the morning. You can feel the adrenaline pouring out of his skin when we touch. It is electric. I’ve never been with anybody in the bedroom like him, and I haven’t had anybody treat me like he does, which is amazing. I’m enjoying it, but I still am holding on to that ‘I need to be single’ and I want to be single, but he’s really, really great.”

Paulie and Cara Maria
Paulie and Cara Maria Courtesy of Cara Maria

When asked if the two-time winner was seeing other people, she hesitated before revealing that she’s only dating Paulie.

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“My choice. He’s not telling me not to, I’m just choosing not to, because it’s good,” she told Us.

The entire podcast episode — including Cara’s take on the premiere, her partner and her former fling Kyle — will be available on following the premiere.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning premieres on MTV Tuesday, July 10, at 9 p.m. ET.