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Farrah Abraham's Dog Blue Dies, and She Plans to Stuff Him 

Goodbyes are never easy, as Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham can attest. The former MTV personality shared the sad news with followers that her Pomeranian Blue had died.

“Tonight, we lost a best friend, a little brother to my daughter, & most adorable Pomeranian BLUE,” she captioned an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, July 18. “I remember like yesterday bringing him home to Sophia from Florida and having Blue in our lives for 5 years now brought such a sense of love, support, relief, joy, fun & so much more I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life … I’m very proud of Sophia saying her good byes and loving her best friend and little brother so much.”

Abraham also revealed her plans for Blue’s body: “I always said if he ever passed I would stuff him and put him on my shelf so I hope for our memory of our best friend BLUE to be brought back home again soon thanks to pet taxidermy.”

Sophia Abraham, Farrah Abraham, and dog Blue attend Los Angeles Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion LAFW FW/18 10th Season Anniversary – Backstage and Front Row – Day 1 at The MacArthur on March 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion

In an accompanying video clip, the adult entertainer breaks down over the dog as her 9-year-old daughter gently strokes his furry body. “We are so happy that we could be with Blue during his last little moments and work this out and figure this out,” Abraham says in the clip. “And this is like our first puppy that we’ve ever lost. Sophia and I have been through a lot of firsts. It’s been crazy. But I’m so thankful for this little guy and I know my little princess is so thankful too and I always like, try to make light of this . . . but this is like, the most special little Pomeranian we’ve ever had in our life.”

As the 27-year-old explained via her caption, the pup suddenly stopped moving after he was let out to relieve himself and couldn’t be revived. Though she rushed him to the E.R., no heartbeat was found.

The news comes just one day after the reality star faced backlash on Reddit for daring Sophia to tell her friends their dogs had died in a now-deleted Snapchat video. “It’s a kid dare, who is going to believe it?!” Abraham reportedly said in the clip. “Kids dare! So I said, ‘I dare you to tell one of their friends on ding dong ditch, first we are going to ding dong ditch, then we are going to come back and be like,’OMG Sassy, your dog died!’ It’s crazy right? It’s crazy!”

Abraham is also facing legal trouble after being charged with battery and resisting arrest earlier this week over a June incident in which she was accused of verbally fighting with a hotel employee and guests at a Beverly Hills hotel. Abraham disputed the news of the charges to Us: “It’s false and I’m not charged.”