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Josh Brolin Pees on Himself in ‘Incredibly Illuminating Milestone’
Josh-Brolin pee
Josh Brolin INSTARimages.com

Tinkle, tinkle, movie star! Josh Brolin accidentally urinated on himself, as he shared with followers in a photo of the aftermath posted to Instagram on Thursday, July 19.

“Stoked about pissing all over myself again,” the Deadpool 2 star wrote alongside a shot of himself pointing to his wet shorts. “One of the great gifts about turning 50 is the sudden, biological changing out of your shower head.”

The Sicario actor continued on to elaborate on his ever-changing anatomy. “What used to be a rush of garden hose, now seems to have morphed into a multi-directional sprinkler,” he wrote. “Just want to let everyone know what there is to look forward to — those who haven’t reached this incredibly illuminating milestone.”

A few hours later, Brolin posted an Instagram video of his pregnant wife, Kathryn Boyd, dancing in a bikini. The couple, married since 2016, are expecting their first child together.

“There isn’t anything cooler than seeing your wife flip the f–k out in glee and throw all self consciousness to the wolves and absolutely saturate herself in the whatever comes to mind,” he captioned the post. “She is my muse, my goddess, my core inspiration. Little bean is having a ball with this mama bear. I couldn’t be more grateful for these gestures of true, unadulterated freedom.”

Brolin previously told Us Weekly he’s “nervous” but “excited” to become a father again and is “massively looking forward to” meeting his new daughter. The Oscar-nominated thespian welcomed two children with ex-wife Alice Adair more than two decades ago.