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YouTube Star Hannah Hart Is Engaged to Ella Mielniczenko: See the Ring!

Here come the brides! Hannah Hart is engaged to Ella Mielniczenko.

“#enGAYged. I proposed! She said yes!” the YouTube star captioned an Instagram photo of herself and her fiancée showing off Mielnickzenko’s ring on Friday, July 27. “There were many wonderful and hilarious details involved and we will share them all, but right now I just really needed to tell you guys and didn’t want to wait anymore. We will do a whole video about it and tell the whole story. But right now is just to share the exciting news!!! We are gonna get married, babyyyy!!”

Hart, 31, opened up to Cosmopolitan about popping the question to her love of two years in Hawaii. She hid the ring — a Catbird pear-shaped diamond with two smaller stones at the sides — in a sandcastle bucket while at the beach with the 27-year-old BuzzFeed executive producer. “Ella had no idea it was coming! I suggested we watch the sunset at the beach and toast with tiny champagne to a great vacation,” the social media personality explained. “She just assumed I was being my normal, romantic self, instead I was planning our engagement.”

The moment was a long time coming for the My Drunk Kitchen star: “We knew we wanted to get engaged in 2018, but I told Ella that I really wanted to be the one to pop the question. Ella has been the brave one in our relationship, and so I really wanted to show her how much she means to me by being brave in return. I bought the ring in March and hid it in our apartment behind my board games, a place I knew she would never look.”

Hart also put a lot of thought into her proposal location, a.k.a. the place where the duo first said “I love you” to each other. “There was a moment in 2016 where we took a quick trip to Hawaii for a weekend and we sat on the beach looking at the stars and talking about everything,” she said. “I knew that then that this was the beginning of something special.”

The pair plan to wed in California in spring 2020.